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Cleveland Rock Band - Pop Avenue Band

Pop Avenue is the perfect band for your club or bar.  Pop Avenue’s energetic entertainers will have your crowd up and dancing.  Pop Avenue is a true variety band so we can design our set list around the type of  music you want for your establishment or give them a mix of all the different types of music we offer.  Pop Avenue performs modern Top 40, 80’s hits,  90’s favorites, disco, classic rock, Motown, R & B, Country, and other popular songs.  Want to appeal to a younger crowd?  We can design our set list to feature current  Top 40 hits.  Want to appeal to a rock crowd?   We can put together a set list around our classic rock songs . Music is just part of the experience as our as our lighting effects can turn any area into an exciting dance floor! Sample our videos and see what we have to offer! Pop Avenue advertises its shows through the use of Facebook, Twitter, email, and posters which are sent to the club two weeks before the show. All lighting effects and sound equipment are complimentary and free of charge! Call us today to see how we can give your customers an all night dance party that will have them coming back for more!